Referral Source, LLC real estate referral

Must I go through Referral Source LLC or can I contact the agent myself?

No. You must go through Referral Source LLC in order to be paid when the referred property closes to assure payment.

Will taxes be deducted from my referral fee?

No. You will get a 1099 at the end of the year for any referral fees paid to you over $600.

How do you generate Referrals?

If you hear of someone interested in buying or selling a home you can ask them if they would like you to refer them to a real estate sales professional. After you explain that it will not cost them anything to refer it, all they need do is provide name, address, phone, authorizing signature and, if applicable, the name of the broker and agent they have in mind.

How do I place a referral?

All a referral member needs to do is e-mail the Referral Source Worksheet and signed Agreement found in Referral Source Agent Forms tab above. It has an immediate turnaround and after it is placed and the home has closed, the member agent receives a commission check.

What education is provided free if I become a member of the Referral Source LLC team?

Any course offered by MGARE (Middle Georgia Academy of Real Estate for those within commuting distance of MGARE or courses offered online (for a nominal fee) at or by going to the Education tab above with a direct link to MGARE.

Why join Referral Source LLC?

  • A place to hold your license without having to pay board or MLS dues.
  • An agent who places their license in a Referral Company cannot practice real estate but they can refer property. They receive referral fees, after the closing of properties they have referred.
  • The Referral agent can earn free continuing education credits from to keep their licenses current. Even though Referral Source LLC serves the state of Georgia we can accept referrals from other states.

How can I become a member of the Referral Source LLC network? Easy….Follow these simple steps.

  • You must hold a valid Georgia Real Estate License • Call Jenny Stephens at 478.283.6239or e-mail her at jstephens@referralsourceonline.comto receive a starter kit. • Send $99 (annual membership fee) with your completed forms Jenny sent to you. • As soon as your $99 and GREC form is received, it is faxed immediately to the Georgia Real Estate Commission. As soon as we receive your license back we immediately send you your pocket card and you can then immediately start sending in your referrals!

What are the annual membership fees?

$99 per year

How can I find current information on my Georgia Real Estate License?

Go online to

When I refer a buyer or seller, can I refer it to a specific agent and company to work with my buyer or seller?

Yes, by all means. All you need to do is indicate the a) company, b) name of agent, c) Referred company phone number and the signature of your customer you are referring showing approval.


Frequently Asked Questions