Carl Camarota - Qualifying Broker

Referrals can literally be made around the world in a matter of minutes.

About Us...

Referral Source, LLC is an offshoot of Coldwell Banker SSK, Realtors, the largest Real Estate Firm in Central Ga. It was born out of necessity for the many licensees who could no longer work in the Real Estate field on a full time basis but wanted to keep their licenses active while pursuing other avenues, and still earn commission dollars. For a nominal annual fee licensees can refer buyers and sellers without regard to geographical boundaries. Another plus? NO monthly MLS fees or board of Realtors dues.

We offer a referral fee that is above the industry standard thereby assuring you a better return on your initial investment. Our professional staff will ensure quick placement of your referrals, and we are available to answer your questions.

Another benefit of Referral Source, LLC is our continuing education. We offer regular classes at no cost to the agent attending in one of our offices in middle Ga. All referral agents will be notified in advance of these opportunities. We want all of our referral agents to be well trained and be kept up to speed with industry trends, changes in the Law, or new techniques that become available. All classes are facilitated through M.G.A.R.E., our school which offers continuing education as well as the pre-license course approved by the Ga. Real Estate Commission. We welcome the opportunity to serve you, and we sincerely hope we can make you a successful referral agent thereby supplementing your income.

Welcome to Referral Source, LLC!